Dizillian is an American EDM, Future House, Dubstep, and R&B Soul producer who was always musically inspired since the age of 8. His mom had bought a piano and he would always make music through his imagination or the songs he heard. He eventually started working in restaurants at an early age with long hours ranging from 10 to 13 hours a day, but was always inspired by music. In 2010, he started to be a DJ for events and clubs in California to make some extra money where ever he could but was than taken away from his dream by his family as they thought it was not helping him in school with his education. In 2016, he later moved to Utah to pursue a career as a Chef studying in the culinary arts with continual doubts. He eventually had the desire to start producing music for the first time and found a never ending desire for making music. One of his main inspirations now is his step father and brother who continues to encourage him to work hard and never give up.